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Aromatherapy truly is a holistic form of healing. Through the sense of smell and touch, many levels of the human being can be accessed.

Essential oils are the rich, vibrant essences of flowers, plants and trees, which hold magickal therapeutic actions. Through aromatherapy these healing oils release their potent actions, thereby restoring equilibrium within the body.

Essential oils are truly life protecting as they protect life from disease and infection. The therapeutic value of aromatherapy is invaluable.

Aromatherapy can help many conditions, the primary ones being muscular problems, stress, skin conditions, insomnia, pain, infection and emotional difficulties. A wide variety of conditions can be treated through aromatic medicine.

Stress is the cause of many imbalances in the body (e.g. indigestion, constipation, lethargy etc), therefore by tackling stress these secondary symptoms can disappear. Also, aromatherapy massage can improve varicose veins and water retention, by improving the venous drainage system.

Experience the calm and drift into ninth heaven, a therapy to soothe the soul.

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